Dec 29, 2009

It's Time to Kick Ass

In 11 days, Greg Terry and I will fly out to Walt Disney World to run a half marathon on 1/9 followed by a full marathon on 1/10 to obtain the coveted "Goofy Challenge" medals. That's all good and all, but every once in awhile, we are reminded of greater challenges, greater obstacles, and greater sacrifices that one makes - not only in personal goals - but to defend His country.

This past Sunday, I met with the family and friends of Jake Marvin, whom will be heading off to Afghanistan for a year to beat the shit out of some terrorist Al-Qaeda ass.

I met Jake back in the day around 1994 as we struggled to learn how to wrestle with our fat, childish bodies. I tried to squeeze my opponents nuts into submission as fast as I could so I could bolt to the concession stands to grab a quick meal, while as Jake’s mom, Suzanne depicted for us, “he would try to end the match as soon as possible because he had to pee” [and then meet me at the concession stands to join in the pizza/candy bar buffet that would be soon to follow.] Anywho, Jake sat down at our table, looked at my dad, and asked him about a conversation they had when they ran into each other at a gas station in Hubriar Heights recently. The legend goes that Jake said "Hello" and Greg Terry followed it up with a – looking him dead in the eye (I’m sure) "When you get over there, I want you to kick some fucking Afghanistan towel-head @#$%^@&%$#$#$^ ass!…By the way, I'm getting ready to go to Disney World to win a Goofy Medal..." I'm not sure what Jake did at that moment, but I'm sure he obliged.

In all seriousness, we'll be thinking about you, Jake. Kick some ass, takes some names, and come back safely. Stay the fuck away from camel spiders and you will be good to go.

Here are two videos to get you pumped up 24/7. If you need a ready supply of tasty meats, let me know and it will be on its way. I only ask that you pose with a bag of jerky as you shoot off a bazooka or some shit, preferably with the Champion Beef Jerky t-shirt on.