Dec 1, 2009

10 Random Thoughts I Had Today


Even though Fat Charlie got fired from Notre Dame yesterday, the fat jokes and hilarious picture legacy he leaves behind will never die.


It’s finally December. I’m going to do my damn best to get in the spirit this year, especially since I had about a 0/10 showing on the Christmas spirit meter in ’08. I saw this video the other night and it kind of got me in the mood. I’m a sucker for Canon in D, so here’s hoping for something.


Speaking of Canon in D, I’m going to try to revamp the ‘ole piano skills. I watched this video last night and I’m going to try to play it all the way through just by watching the video. So far I’m up to 1:16, and that was watching it once and eating a family sized lasagna dinner at about 2amish in the morning.


Over the weekend I cut my grass and raked all the leaves to the edge of the street. The leaf sweeping crew came by this morning to clear out the destruction, and I peeked out my bedroom window and watched them pass over my house because my dumbass neighbor parked his car in front of it. I sat at work all day and stewed over how I was going to shove the leaves in front of his drive way when I got home, but lucky for him, the car was moved and they cleaned it up. Yeah, I’m that guy.


I finally broke down and bought a blue party light to outfit my man room. I like it.


I have about 100GB worth of music, but can’t settle on what I want to listen to when I run. I mixed it up a little bit tonight and went with Deadmau5, a DJ from Canadia. Here’s a sample:


Breathe right strips are probably one of my top ten favorite inventions of all time. I would wear them 24/7 if I could.


Sometimes Mr. Bo likes to play “Keep Away” by running circles around me so that I can’t grab him to take him outside. It never get’s old, and never will.


Cottage Cheese.


Last but not least, another pic of Mr. FrontButt himself.