Dec 7, 2009


[Soundtrack: "Smashing the Opponent" (Featuring Jonathan Davis from KoRn) - Infected Mushroom]

I was having a conversation with my brother last week about this blog. We were basically talking about how I really don't have a set topic that I will write about on a daily basis. I mean, I have a few things I want to write about at some point, but I tend to shy away from creating a list at the beginning of the week and sticking to it. But needless to say, I never really seem to run out of things to talk about - primarily because I have something interesting going on at all times to talk about, and well, some people...don't. This boils down to the 1-UP factor. I checked out my reliable wealth of knowledge, Urban Dictionary, for a few definitions and quotations for a 1-UP. Here's are my findings:

To be better than, and/or to have done something better than another.

I just 1-uped your ass, Bitch!

Mario f*ing Princess Peach.

*Mario humping Peach* 1-up, 1-up, 1-up.....

any manuever to outdo an adversary.

MacGyver could 1-up anyone in any situation except his nemesis Murdoch.

An extra life(or extra man) that you need in order to progress through a video game. In fact, you'll need enough of these to make considerable progress. Especially if you suck at the game. 1-ups are usually risky and difficult to obtain as items.

Damn, Mark sure has a such a quick reaction time and alot of luck to beat Mario Bros on his first time playing it. He beat the whole game singlehandedly without relying on any 1-ups he earned! Mario surely must be happily spending all those 1-ups on Princess Toadstool in bed at this time!

Also can be another term for sexual intercourse. Shortened form of "1 dick up (one's) pussy or ass."

Damn, Mark really sucks at Mario Bros! He can't even get past the first level no matter how many attempts and always uses up his 1-ups! Mario must surely be getting all his 1-ups back indabutt from Bowser in his dungeon at this time!

There are certain times when 1-UPing someone would be appropriate. If you ask someone what they did over the weekend, and they said "Umm, dude it was the best week ever. I busted out my ole Nintendo and played Jaws for 48 hours straight. It was so epic. How about you?" "Ha, funny you should ask. By the way, your weekend sucked bro, compared to what I did. I flew down to Guadalupe, Mexico and went cage diving with 20-foot long Great White sharks. I got bored after awhile, so I covered myself in chum and swam out of the cage, rode a mile down the beach on the fin of the biggest shark I could find, then I jabbed a harpoon in my leg just for shits, and then outswam the shark back to the boat. Total fucking kickass. Sucks to be you, loser."

There are also certain times when you should not 1-UP someone. Tact comes into play here. "Hey, how was your weekend." "It sucked, my found out Person XYZ died in my family." "Oh man that sucks, but hey people die all the time. Don't worry about it. I went out a cruise, then went skydiving, and then after that won the big jackpot lottery. Seeya!"

I personally find don't mind 1-UPing if it is used appropriately, and not necessarily as a 1-UP, but to keep the conversation going and interesting.