Nov 11, 2009

Welcome Speech

So I broke down and purchased an iPhone a few months ago. Without going into too much detail, it has been one of the "highlights" of 2009. On the home screen of this wonderful toy is a 'Notes' app. It basically lets you create To-Do lists in hopes that you will be able to organize an otherwise unorganized life. Immediately after dropping a few hundred bucks on this new toy, I powered up the device and mashed my fingers on this notes thing to start adding random tasks to complete and shit I wanted to do in the near future. First I created the 'To-Do' list. This is where I will list things that I need to accomplish soon, such as pay bills, renew prescriptions, clean house, clean car, random thing that I will not ever do but I'll put it on the list anyways, and so on. Next, I setup a 'Groceries' list. 54 cases of diet pop, Axe body wash, Q-tips, dog treats. Done. After that, I made a 'Goal' list. On my goal list was run a marathon, kick ass on a daily basis, and create a sarcastic blog. Why I put those items on there, I have no idea. But I've got the first one scratched off x2, the second I would like to think I fit in there somewhere, but the third item brings us to where we are today. So I finally broke down and started this shindig up, and lord knows where this will go. This whole internets fad really has perked my interest. And the Marketing/Entrepreneurship degree thats burning a whole in my wall tells me that e-marketing is the way to go - so I'll give this a shot. I like to write, my ADHD tells me to write, I have a lot of crazy stories I wouldn't mind sharing, and I'm getting bored with commenting on everyone's Facebook status with some sort of judgmental-witty-critical-thumbs up-check out this video-I hate your team-you are a moron-thumbs down-you are a genius-::Insert Family Guy quote or South Park joke here-type of response. So as the Cryptkeeper would say, "Here we go Boys and Ghouls." Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Titties and beer. Hookers and blow. ROCK.