Nov 23, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Monday is always an interesting day for me. Monday is like the appetizer that you get that sets the tone for the rest of meal. Sometimes, that appetizer comes out just in time, it's hot, delicious, and everything gets a decent portion and eases the hunger until you can dive into the main course. Sometimes, that appetizer comes out late, it's cold, everyone at the table is anxious/disgruntled/arguing with each other/pist off at the waitress/etc., and the about 30 seconds later the appetizer is followed up with the entree. In other words, the ill-fated delivery of the appetizer has ruined the mood, set the animosity at the table on fire, and no matter how good it is, it ruined the big steak dinner you were thinking about all day. Going with this idea, I can apply the same concept to our friend, Monday. Sometimes, I will wake up feeling good, work will go smooth, and I will get my workout in at the gym. Good enough for me. Sometimes, I wake up dreading work, something happens either on the way to work, or at work, that kind of snowballs into the feeling you get when you're thirsty as Hell and there's nobody around to refill your drink, let alone give you a status update on your freaking appetizer. By this point, working out at the gym is out of the question. Stress kicks in, and I want to get home and chill out, and hope that Tuesday isnt like Monday. This Monday was a mix between the two sides of the spectrum. The morning started off feeling good, but was immediately followed by road rage. Work was meh. Not bad. Not good. Just one of those days where even the simplest of things, even if you bring your A-game, doesn't seem to work for some reason. And it happens over and over again for 8 hours. In the midst of the day, and as I sat there questioning what would surprise me more, the next phone call I had, or if the Loch Ness Monster would slither past my desk, I received a few encouraging messages from my friends. More on that in a moment, but after work, I was able to hit up the gym, and set the tone for the rest of the week, which is always important in the grand scheme of training for a marathon that's coming up in less that two months. With all of that said, I have three awards I would like to give out today.

Award #1. Road Rage Victim of the Day

On my way to work, cruising down 35, in the midst of checking my email, my Spider-sense went off as I noticed a car merging onto the highway. He was going the same speed as me and was just about lined up with my car. As his lane ended, he proceeded to continue merging directly into my lane. So I slammed on my breaks. Laid on the horn. Switched lanes. Pulled up beside him. Gave him the middle finger and the best "Fuck You" look I could conjure up. Whoever said that using cell phones while driving clearly are wrong in this situation, because I definitely had a sense of what was going on. The problem here folks, is that some people are idiots. Anyways, I digress.

Award #2. Father of the Day.

This award goes out to Mr. Josh Stankovich for the beautiful photo he sent me today. As you can see, in the foreground we have his adorable daughter, Emma. And in the background, we have the Led Zep DVD in full force. Are those little bull horns I see? Well done, Stanko. Well done.