Nov 16, 2009

Last night I watched a documentary on the National Geographic channel about shrinking heads. Apparently, there was an Amazonian tribe back in the day that consisted of warriors that would practice the art of head shrinking as a way to induce fear into their enemies. This practice was long since forgotten, and almost Urban Legend status, until a video from the 60's surfaced that displayed several shrunken heads on stakes around the huts of a the Shaur tribe, in the heart of the Amazon.

The show then went into detail on how to shrink a head. Basically, you take the head of your victim, and cut off all the skin around the skull. Then then boil that for about 30 minutes. Then you stuff that full of hot sand and rocks (to keep the shape of a face, duh!) and repeat the process several times over a week period. After this time, the head will be about a quarter of it's original size. Then you have to sew the eyes shut, and shove wooden sticks through the lips so that the poor fella's soul can't escape.

Pretty interesting stuff, and it fascinates me that this was still practiced by certain cultures. They interviewed the chief of the Shaur tribe, who said the "reducing" as they call it isn't really practiced today. However, there is a mining company near their tribe that is extracting gold, and the chief threatened the miners with some good ole' head shrinking fun, although he never had to resort to such dire consequences.

I was amazed at this photo I saw last year sometime.

I wonder what these guys were thinking when they saw the helicopter fly over. I for one, would have been pretty creeped out. Oh well, just a random thought. I'm lacking some sort of clever pun to close this up with, but if something comes to me, I'll be sure to add it. Now that's using your head!